Broccoli on Toast: Veggie’s for Breakfast?!

When Jordan and I went vegan, we had to come up with a satisfying breakfast that could replace our everyday toast and eggs. We had this awesome sulphuric salt called Kala Namak, or Himalayan Black Salt, that tasted exactly like hard boiled eggs. I honestly lick my fingers when I am done sprinkling…Seriously, this stuff is amazing!

Now I am a huge fan of simple, earthy and rustic flavors, so nutritional yeast seemed like a good addition. However, we couldn’t really have toast, salt and nutritional yeast…well actually, we could, and have, but that’s not the point! We needed something that would give this meal some substance:


Oh. My. Gosh. Broccoli on Toast is one of my most favorite go-to meals! It has an amazing combination of flavors and textures. Its so cozy and comforting, and you don’t feel one bit guilty because you are literally eating broccoli for breakfast! So not only to you eat a satisfying and delicious breakfast, but you get to start your day off right. It’s super quick too; all you do is saute the broccoli, toast the toast, put butter and nutritional yeast on the toast, then top with broccoli! Yummmmm


Brown toasty spots = good
Brown toasty spots = good
Melty butter and NY
Melty butter and NY
Threw this in at the last second
Threw this in at the last second
All Done!
All Done!

Check out the recipe below!!

Broccoli on Toast
Serves 2-4

2 heads of broccoli washed
4 slices of whole wheat sourdough bread
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Earth Balance vegan butter
1 to 3 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast (I personally like a lot of it!)
1 Scallion stalk (optional)
Kala Namak sea salt

Heat up a pan with a Tbsp of olive oil at a little over medium heat on the stove.  Take the broccoli and cut off any rough/stiff parts on the stalk and chop into bite size chunks.  Once the oil in the pan is heated, add the broccoli.  At this point you should probably throw your toast in the toaster. Occasionally stir the broccoli around with a wooden spoon.  The goal is to get it fairly al dente, so that it is cooked and slightly browned on the outside with a nice easy crunch on the inside. If the broccoli finishes before the toast, then take it off the heat and set it to the side.  Once the toast is finished, butter it fresh out of the toaster so that it can get all melty, and then top it with the nutritional yeast.  The amount of nutritional yeast is dependent on what your personal preference is; I prefer a good healthy dose (about a Tbsp per bread slice)! Top the toast with the broccoli, and sliced scallions if you want the extra zing.  Finish it with a few pinches of Kala Namak and it is ready!

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