Farm Boxes: The Perfect Remedy for the Mid-Week Drag

My Hump Day Pick-Me-Up

Every Wednesday, I excitedly walk into myIMG_1417 local Hood River coffee house to see a beautiful, tall tower of large brown boxes, decorated with cute and simple sketches of various fruits and veggies.  I find the one with my name on it, and carry the perfectly heavy box back to my car.  Once I get home, I immediately tear into it to see what beautiful goodness awaits me inside.

This week’s selection consisted of:



Chanterelle Mushrooms

Winter Squash

Cherry Tomatoes




Two bunches of carrots



Such vibrant colors
Such vibrant colors
I dove into these tomatoes right after taking this
I dove into these tomatoes right after taking this

Aren’t they beautiful!

The total = $40!!!  Now thats a steal!  Here are a few reasons why I like farm boxes so much, they:

  • are a great deal for the amount and quality of produce you receive
  • support local farms
  • are grown locally and in season
  • encourage creative cooking by using ingredients you may not have bought yourself
  • help you to save money by going local and seasonal
  • make it so you don’t have to shop as much (especially if you are plant based)
  • are a midweek pick-me-up
  • help connect you with your community: just last week I met a woman who also recently began receiving a farm box from Hood River Organic and we talked for like 15 minutes about how creative it has made us in the kitchen; who knew you could use cilantro for so many things!!
  • encourage healthier eating
Oh lovely, beautiful, Chanterelles
Oh lovely, beautiful, Chanterelles

Honestly, if you aren’t currently receiving a farm box, I seriously recommend you to look into it!  And, if you live in the Hood River, Portland Metro, and some parts of Washington, you should really hop on over to Hood River Organic’s Website and give them a try.  They will even deliver to your house for a super minimal fee if you are near one of their routes.

Support Local!

Please feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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