How Raw Honey Helped Heal My Acne

 My obsession with raw honey: The Beginning

A few summers ago out of nowhere, my skin started breaking out, on top of my already oily complexion. At 19, I had no idea how to deal with this since my skin had never really had acne before.  So, like many people who are suddenly hit with acne, I panicked.  My plan of attack was to hit them with every face cleaning agent I had.  And, like many of those same people realize, that plan never works.

So, now what?

I began to investigate more natural ways of handling this new experience. I scoured
the internet for solutions and came across an article that was written by an older woman (I have long since forgotten the article). In it she touted raw honey as the sole reason for her healthy, wrinkle-free, and vibrant skin.  She claimed that she was mistaken for being 20 years younger on a daily basis! I was immediately interested.  So, I started studying honey’s qualities. What I found was so extremely cool!

Walk like an Egyptian

Honey has been used since ancient times for beauty all the way to medicine.  It also has an eternal shelf life, when sealed.  This sticky-sweet stuff was actually found in pots while excavating Ancient Egyptian tombs, unspoiled; you could literally spread it on your bee-321043_640morning toast right there in the tomb and eat it.  Since I am obsessed with food and history, I find this so amazingly awesome that you could eat from the same exact batch of honey that people from the ancient times ate from!

Thanks to the bees and it’s chemical make-up, I also learned that it is antimicrobial and
contains antioxidants, which help to reduce wrinkles and promote healing.  This stuff is seriously incredible!

The Ritual

After researching, I began to put raw honey on my face, morning and night, for 20 minutes to 2 hours (whatever I had time for).  I would then wash it off with warm water.  And that was it!  Super simple and it made for a nice little relaxing ritual.  I should also mention that I never really wear foundation or any kind of powders, except for occasional cover up.  If you do, you would probably want to wash that off first with a mild soap or oil before wearing your honey mask.  After just a week of using raw honey, my skin already felt soft and smooth, my acne was starting to disappear, my oily face was no longer oily, and yet my skin felt extremely moisturized.

If you are dealing with acne, I definitely suggest trying out raw honey!  It may take a while to notice a difference, but stick with it and you may find that it can work for you as much as it worked for me.

Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on raw honey for skin as well!!


5 thoughts on “How Raw Honey Helped Heal My Acne

  1. Wow this is good to know. My daughter has acne and grew impatient with all the over the counter stuff she was trying and went to a dermatologist who prescribed this cream that she is using. It’s called Retin-A Micro or something like that. At first it made her skin break out even more but they say it’s supposed to bring out all the impurities before you see results. I like your method better. Going to have to share with her. I’m all for natural healing and diy recipes. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Love love love this! Developed our product based on my personal experience with raw honey and healing body acne. Keep spreading the word about raw honey 🙂


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