Vegan Cheesy Tomato Pasta Sauce

Cheesy, Comforting, and Delicious

Before I went vegan, my absolute favorite pasta sauce was vodka sauce.  It was rich, cheesy, comforting and delicious!  I decided to create a vegan version of that the other night.  I was soooo happy with the result!  I tasted exactly like the vodka sauce of days past.  It whips up super fast (think, minutes!), making it an easy go-to for hectic weeknights.  Although it’s pretty amazing on its own, you can also throw in some sautéed mushrooms, some vegan sausage or vegan ground meat for fun!

We added some sauteed mushrooms and Tofurkey sausage to ours!
We added some sautéed mushrooms and Tofurkey sausage to ours!

I super recommend using GO Veggie! Vegan Chive and Garlic Cream Cheese.  It is the best vegan cream cheese I have ever tried; it blows Daiya, Toffuti, or Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cream Cheese out of the water.  GO Veggie! doesn’t have that weird sweet, chemical flavor that seems to be running rampant in other vegan cheeses.  It has the satisfying tangy, creamy flavor and spreadable texture that we know and love with dairy cream cheese.  Seriously, this stuff must be made with magic or something; it is so good!

Cheesy and Delicious!
Cheesy and Delicious!
It went perfectly with our orzo
It went perfectly with our orzo

Vegan Cheesy Tomato Pasta Sauce

1 15 oz. can of organic tomato sauce

1/4 Cup nutritional yeast, plus more for sprinkling on top

2 Tbsp GO Veggie! Vegan Chive and Garlic Cream Cheese (or your favorite brand of vegan cream cheese)

2 Cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp olive oil

Italian seasoning, to taste

Salt and pepper, to taste

Heat olive oil in a pan over medium, add minced garlic.  Cook for a minute or two.  Add the tomato sauce, nutritional yeast, and cream cheese, stirring with a wooden spoon until well combined.  Then add a few shakes of the Italian seasoning, and taste test, adding more if you’d like.  Finish with some pinches of salt and pepper, to taste.  You can either use it right away, or heat on low for up to 35 minutes to let the flavors develop even more.  Top it on your favorite pasta (or use it as a pizza sauce, which would be amaze-balls!) and enjoy!

Please feel free to leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear your ideas about what this pasta sauce could be used with!

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