Spring in Hood River

Hood River has been having some gorgeous weather this week.  The sky is blue, the sun is warm and there’s a lovely light breeze. Since I’ve had the last few days off, Siggi and I have Continue reading


Toxic Chocolate: Study Finds Significant Levels of Lead and Cadmium in Popular Chocolate Brands

An independent study conducted by As You Sow of 50 different chocolate products for lead and cadmium during 2015 and 2016 showed that 35 of those products contained lead and/or cadmium.  Of these chocolates, many contained levels that Continue reading

A Little Immortal Woman for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

I celebrated in my own way by taking the day nice and easy and doing a few things that I love: reading and drinking tea at my favorite tea shop, The Good Medicine Lounge, in Hood River.  The tea that I chose today was a lovely bright yet mellow oolong tea named Immortal Woman, which was not only fitting on a day like this, but was delicious as well!  It was such a lovely tea that Continue reading