Days off are for adventures…

Today, we had a nature walk. Β But first, a poem:

“O sweet spontaneous”

O sweet spontaneous

earth how often have




fingers of

prurient philosophers pinched





has the naughty thumb

of science prodded



beauty .


often have religions taken

thee upon their scraggy knees

squeezing and


buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive





to the incomparable

couch of death thy




thou answerest


them only with



e e cummings

IMG_1804Highway in the hills.IMG_0965Empty roads are asking for a picture.
IMG_1824 So many paths to take…IMG_1820 The sun had to say hello through the clouds.IMG_0975Taking in the landscape.
IMG_1821Trees of all shapes and sizes.IMG_0984Sometimes you have to lay on your belly…
IMG_1826To get a change of perspective.IMG_1829 Oh sweet, little puddles.IMG_1843 Trains and barges.IMG_1849 Spring has sprung (a little bit early!).IMG_1853 Winter’s last moments…IMG_1854The smallest things.IMG_0993What beautiful, bare trees.
IMG_1855 Of death and growth.IMG_1859 Hanging on.IMG_1862 Gathering knowledge.IMG_1868 Sludgy, lovely pond. IMG_1885 Stone walls will never go out of fashion.IMG_1898 Little adventure seekers.IMG_1912 Finding “the shot”IMG_1030Catherine Creek in all her beauty.IMG_1020Clovers for March.
IMG_1888Everybody should have a trusty pair of boots.
IMG_1920 All business.IMG_1012Water break.IMG_1924 “Whats is this things?”IMG_1926 Rusty pop cans are surprisingly photogenic.IMG_1044 Smokey says.IMG_1039 We shall never know.IMG_1035Sounds like a cool guy.
IMG_1941 Splish. Splash.IMG_1051In the brambles.IMG_1943Getting the shot.IMG_1945What a fine day at Catherine Creek.


12 thoughts on “Days off are for adventures…

  1. Thank you, for inviting us on your lovely adventure via your blog….and for sharing the beautiful pics you both took.


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