Afternoon Tea

Work and Relaxation, It’s a Balance

I find life most enjoyable when I have a healthy dose of both work and pleasure.

This morning started off with me making Jordan and I some spinach pancakes for breakfast topped with almond butter, cooked blueberries and fresh strawberries.  Yummmmm!  After he IMG_3772left for work, I did the dishes, folded some clothes, color coordinated my closet (I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks!), made the bed, straightened up, took out the recycling, and cleaned the bathroom.  I then noticed how much dog hair was on the floor and felt that needed to be vacuumed up ASAP!  However, before I could do that, I had to go outside and brush Siggi, so that she didn’t just replace the hair that was going to get vacuumed up – seriously, we could probably create a whole new corgi within the week using the hair that she sheds!  While outside, I realized that some of her potty piles weren’t picked up, and that I’d do that once I finished brushing her.  So after her brushing, I put her back inside, and went about cleaning up the piles.

As I walked back inside through the front door I heard a crash as I saw Siggi jumping down from the window sill onto the couch, taking one of our potted plants with her.  There was dry, splintery potting soil all over the couch.  I put Siggi in her crate so that she wouldn’t get in the way while I cleaned up the mess.  After scooping what I could of the soil back into the pot, I went and grabbed the vacuum and some rags and went to work.  Twenty-five minutes later, the couch, with all of it’s nooks and crannies, was cleaned out.  Honestly, it looks much better than it did and if Siggi hadn’t of made me clean it, who knows when I would have gotten around to it; it was a blessing in disguise!  Finally, I got around to vacuuming the floor like I had intended.  Sometimes, when you start cleaning, the flood gates open and it’s hard to stop!

Now, with a clean house and a content soul, I sit here typing away and drinking a lovely, hot cup of flowering tea.  After this post, I am going to curl up and read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (while probably having a second cup of tea!).  Like I said, I find life most enjoyable when I balance work and pleasure.

cup of tea IMG_1975 IMG_1976

I hope that you are finding time today for yourself as well.  Feel free to share your favorite ways to relax in the comments below!


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