Creativity Can Sometimes Use a Confidence Boost

As an artist, it is common to experience some negative self-judgement and lack of confidence.  This can be most irritating when one is hungry to make art.  Today, I came across a mantra that couldn’t have come at a better time:

There are no limitations to my creativity, only opportunities to expand it.

This resonated inside of me quite a bit, as I have been desiring to create art, but feel shut down for a lack of creative confidence.  I am often plagued by thoughts such as, “Has this already been done?” “Where will I begin?” “There’s no way I can create something like that!”  However, you have already lost if you refuse to start.  Even creating a self-described failure is better than creating nothing at all.

I chose to meditate on this mantra today to remind myself of the infinite nature of creativity.  Hopefully it can help you too if you are feeling a little stuck.


9 thoughts on “Creativity Can Sometimes Use a Confidence Boost

  1. I hope you will create and create a lot. I struggled with this for years and finally two years ago I finally said, I can’t do anything with my life anymore but create. And I did, for three or four months straight, I just let everything come out of me. Then it dried up because everything that needed to come out of me came out in those moments. I tried to force creativity through an artist residency and I realized that didn’t help, that creativity comes on it’s own as the life force from within you. It took six months to come back from that experience and here I am creating in a different way again. I wish you the best of luck and that you dive deep and allow your soul to express itself however it needs to be ❤


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