Dipping my toes into the water of Ayurveda

Hello, friends! Ayurveda is something that I have been dipping my toes into lately. I never fully understood it before, and am only just starting to investigate this ancient, natural wisdom for health and healing. Continue reading


Decadent Turnips with Miso and Butter

The Turnip: Sweet, Buttery, Earthy

This summer was the first time I had ever tried cooking white turnips, thanks to our CSA farm box, and it has quickly become one of my favorite vegetables! It appears to be such a simple root and yet it can take on such an amazing texture and taste when quickly tossed in a pan with just a few ingredients. This is a vegetable that should not be underestimated! Continue reading

A Year in Retrospect: My Venture into the World of Houseplants and Other Developments

This year was one of many ups and many downs…

Hello, friends. The rain and clouds are back in the Portland area and all feels cozy and fallish. It has been quite a while since I have posted. Let me catch you up on what’s happened over the last year: Continue reading